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_-={The Woman's Roar}=-_ _-={The Woman's Roar}=-_

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Can't wait to hear the full version.

Very haunting, yet a bit bland.

You. Give me those pads. I will find you and kill you if you don't.

Really. I can do that. I can have the Air Force hunt you down. Because we're that awesome.

But on an unrelated note, I see that the last review that was left to you was quite blunt, and I must say a few things- for example, music theory classes? If everyone went to classes, where would the innovation be?

It's also a good thing that you're broadening your horizons, which is why I wouldn't compare your old work and your new. Though I must say I like the direction you are going, and you can do nothing but go up from here.

While I liked the song, it seemed a bit short. Short, however, we can deal with, especially since you say it's not finished. Also, I thought that your vocalist was professional. She was amazing, to say the least. Send her my regards, and send me her number. :D

And the violin solo, while not especially the greatest thing, when her voice was added to that, that was a beautiful effect.

Finally, all I have to say is... Damn, that was worth a McGreatBurger. Check out A8-Departure and see what you think of it. (And if you can possibly tell me what the melody is from... I simply cannot remember for the life of me and it's stuck in my head.)

Certainly Not

MaestroRage responds:

you'd waste the governments money to crush me like a bug?!



Pad wise, I don't actually have a pad, I just layer stuff. Like Onions... you know onions, small white things, tears like mustard gas? Yeah... good stuff.

I knew the violin wasn't that great, it was there PURELY to amplify the voice. I was tired to trying to fuse her voice with the song, so I decided to highlight the voice, rather then compete with it on other samples!

Anyways, i'm munching on your McGreatBurger (I love burgers... hmmm...). I'll check out your song right aways!

Thanks for the review Not Solus@!

_-={The Tanks Thunder}=-_ _-={The Tanks Thunder}=-_

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Bit repetitive, but classically done.

Like a lot of people said, snares would not be a bad thing to add, but I wouldn't know where they'd go... it seems fairly together as is.

Anyways, since I need to resurrect the McBurgerAwards, because it's been a loooooooong while...

Congratulations on your McAwesomeBurger!

-Aeterminus (He's certainly not Solus... really.)

MaestroRage responds:

Oh yum, I havn't had a McAwesomeBurger in AGES!

Damn Malbora and their McNicotineBurgers!

Why did I eat SO MANY?! *shudder*

anyways, glad you came to the page to hear it, I do appreciate it ^^.